Stanger ML Sultan Secondary School

11 May 2017, Thursday

From what we saw, it was clear that children certainly possess the potential to turn their ideas into tangible products and businesses. What inspired us the most was how the students had already come together with their skills and formed business. Within a team you had accountants, project managers, researchers and marketers.

These multi skilled teams allowed for a diverse approach to problem solving. The only element they lacked was an effective way to identify and solve problems within their businesses and community.


This is where we, Sintu, stepped in and taught the students how to apply design thinking by coming together to solve these problems, by applying their skills & specialties. The programme focused on identifying problems, analysing existing solutions and developing & testing the solution. The problem the learners identified was the inability for students to get to school.

We got to work, and the outcome…? An electric bicycle that makes use of a car alternator to charge the batteries. From their point of view, this product would also benefit local small businesses that will now be able to provide delivery services. We can wait to see the prototype of their design solution!

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