Sintu Sketchathon

19 July 2017

Nothing excites us more than bright young minds! We were visited by young innovators from all over the country to begin their journey in bringing their ideas to life.

So we were visited by school children from all-over the country. The young innovators were here to begin their journey in developing their ideas to a commercially viable and manufacture ready state. In order for them to begin their exciting journey, we needed to fully understand the need they intended to solve with their ideas, as well as the identified user.

What we did was teach the learners how to communicate their ideas through sketching, and how to use sketching as a tool to analyse each component that will make up the final product. By doing so we get a better understanding of the product and makes it easier to engage in discussions regarding your product whether it is with potential investors the intended user or product developers.

We got straight to business and went into resolving the functionalities, ergonomics, aesthetics of the product, as well as evaluate the solutions by making use of the sketching process. The process involved sketching down the initial idea and elaborating on different aspects of the product, whether its components, material choices or functionalities. The aim is to communicate this visually on paper. The next step was validate each in every design solution that was sketched on the page. For example, is it this a suitable material, are the functionalities necessary, and from there the students began refining their ideas to better solve the problem they identified for the intended end user.

At the end of the workshop, the learners had gained a better understanding of the problem they are trying to solve and we all had fun visualising the products. We look forward to seeing the prototyped products.