Höerskool Silverton

25 May 2017, Thursday

We started off the presentation by finding out what the learners thought design is and what it meant to them. What we all agreed on, is that design required creativity, and the ability to bring ideas to life. We went on to talk about design as a skill, design as a process, and the different ways they can apply these skills and thinking to add value the world as they know it. How a logo can increase the value of a brand, how ergonomics & functionality can make a product pleasant to use, how good designed packaging can boost sales of a product on the shelf, we went on and on.


In deciding what to study after high school, parents contribute a lot in helping us choose the right career path. At the same time, we need to educate our parents about design and the critical role it plays in society. The homes we live in, the cars we drive, the systems put in place to ensure a smooth flow of traffic in the city, all the small things we take for granted. The world is full of problems and needs problem solvers, design is problem solving after all

By the end of the presentation, we had exposed the learners to our exciting world of creative problem solving. We certainly look forward to working with these aspiring designers one day.

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